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To make sure everybody can use our website as well as possible we have a number of features that make our site as accessible as possible. The groups of people who will benefit from these changes are those with sight and reading problems. If you know of anyone who has these difficulties please let them know about these changes.

RNIB - See it Right

Some years ago the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) reviewed our website and we passed their See it Right standard. This website is maintained to keep those standards. The standard is based on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) who set standards internationally for websites. This means for those who are visually impaired or blind this website is now as accessible as possible and screen readers will be able to translate the site easily. For those who are technically minded this means our website is close to the WAI - AA standard of accessibility. To visit the RNIB site click here (this will open a new window with the RNIB site on it).

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Browsealoud is a piece of software that you can download onto your computer (for free) which will then allow you to highlight part of the text on our website and your computer will then say the words out loud (this assumes your computer has sound). It is designed to assist those with disabilities (both visual and learning difficulties) and those with literacy problems (either for native English speakers, speakers of English as a foreign language or those with dyslexia). To open a new window and visit the Browsealoud website with general information  click here.

Text resize and text only

Text Changes

You can also alter the text size on the website if you have a minor sight problem. Using the AAA key on the left hand side of the website. In addition if you computer connection only allows little amounts of information from the Internet you can see the website without pictures by using the same part of the website.

Image of talking heads buttons

General Information about Choice Based Lettings

Many people are new to choice based lettings as a system and if you want to learn more about cbl in general we provide a talking heads service which outlines how the system work in 15 different languages including British Sign Language.

Microsoft TranslatorMicrosoft translator image

This is a free internet translation service. By clicking onto the desired language the page you are viewing is translated. Please bear in mind that any automatic translation service will have problems with words that have multiple meaning and won't perfectly translate. It does however offer you the option of translating this service into a number of languages.