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The Bedroom Tax and how Family Mosaic can help you

Housing Moves Logo

With the Mayor of London’s Housing Moves scheme, a move to a new area may be closer than you think…


Do you need to move closer to work or college? Looking for a smaller home? Looking for a larger home? Want to be closer to family or friends, maybe to provide care or support?


If the answer to any of these question is ‘yes’, or if you have another reason for moving to a new area, then the housingmoves scheme could be just what you need.


Housing Moves is the Mayor of London’s scheme to helps social tenants in London to relocate to other parts of the capital. All council tenants and housing association tenants can apply, as long as they have a secure or assured tenancy. Priority is given to the following groups:


  • people who have more bedrooms than they need and wish to downsize
  • people in work or training
  • people who are overcrowded
  • people who want to move to give care.

Housing Moves is a choice based lettings scheme. This means that once tenants have registered, they can see details of all available properties on the housingmoves website and can express an interest in the ones that would suit them.


The Housing Moves scheme is separate from Family Mosaic’s Transfer list and CBL scheme. So, if you are interested you will need to apply direct to Housing Moves rather than through us. Your application form will be checked by Family Mosaic before you can express an interest in properties.  You must have a clear rent account in order to join the scheme. To find out more about the scheme, including how to apply, please go to the housingmoves website


The Mayor of London also runs a scheme, called Seaside & Country Homes, to help tenants who are aged 60 and over to move to other parts of the country from London. You can find out how to access Seaside and Country Homes through the housingmoves website


Street sign image - remember you bid isn't finalised until we contact you and confirm you are to view the property

Family Mosaic

Family Mosaic Logo


A warm welcome to all Family Mosaic housing applicants! You can use this website to see all our empty homes which are available for approved applicants on our Transfer and General Rehousing Lists and place a “bid” if you like what you see. When we use the term “bid”, you don’t pay any money, you are simply expressing an interest in a particular property.


In October 2015 we are closing Bands B and C of our transfer list so we can focus on helping those with the most urgent needs. For more information search for Changing your home on our website


We are trialling publishing our adverts twice a week, each Wednesday and Saturday, subject to properties being available. We are doing this to speed up the letting process. Adverts appearing on Wednesday are open for bidding until Friday midnight. Adverts appearing on Saturday are open for bidding until Monday midnight. You will need your registration number (beginning with 6 or 60 and always containing 7 digits) and date of birth (or other memorable date if you have reset it) to bid. When we complete our assessment of your application, we will send you a letter containing all the information you need to take part.

To contact us

If you are registered with Family Mosaic for rehousing through our Choice-based lettings scheme and would like some additional advice and assistance or would like to enquire about applying, then please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Care Team on 0300 123 3456 Option 2 or email


Or if you want to go to the Family Mosaic website click here to open a new window.

Getting Started

To get started follow these four simple steps

  1. Click on the word Login  at the top of this page
  2. Type in your registration number (beginning with 60) and date of birth (or other memorable date if you have reset it) and click on the word Login  within the blue box.
  3. You will now see a summary of Your Account. In the box Properties that you can bid for, the system tells you if there are any currently available properties you are eligible to bid for.

If there are, click on Click here to show the properties that you are eligible for. 

Making a bid

To place a bid for a property, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Apply Now.
  2. If your address is correctly displayed, click on  Click here to continue
  3. If your address in not correctly displayed, please contact us.
  4. Click on I wish to be considered for this property to confirm your interest or I do not want to be considered for this property if you do not wish to proceed with your bid.

To view our Complete Guide to Rehousing, click here to open a new window. 

Changes to adverts and bidding – Qualification Reason (QR)

We have made some changes to the system so that we can target properties we advertise at particular groups. We do this using a Qualification Reason. You may see a QR icon against an advert and a description of the group we are giving priority to. If you have a matching QR code for your application your bid will get priority over other bidders who don’t, even if they are in a higher Band than you.


Even if you don’t have a matching QR code, you should still place a bid as there may be no bid from someone with a matching QR code or they may choose not to accept it.


The Outcomes tables now show whether the successful bid for each property had a matching QR code. If you do not know what your Qualification Reason is, you will find this on your Transfer Registration letter.


Bidding results, shortlisting and direct offers

Each week the results of the previous week’s advertisements are displayed on this website and in our printed newsletter. The results show the details of the highest ranked bidder for each property. This does not necessarily mean that we let the property to this bidder. We may bypass a highly ranked bidder due to rent arrears or because we are unable to verify their circumstances. Also, successful bidders often refuse the offer so we work our way down the shortlist to lower ranked bidders.


We may also set automatic bidding to directly match an urgent transfer case to a property and place a bid on their behalf. We aim to do this sparingly and mainly for tenants who we need to move due the poor condition of their home or where we need to sell their home. We may also make a Direct Offer to a tenant who is struggling to cope with a shortfall in Housing Benefit as a result of the “Bedroom Tax” which begins on 1st April 2013. A Direct Offer bid will rank above all normal bids and be displayed in the results as a DIRECT OFFER. When we do this we aim to place the bid before bidding closes so that other bidders can see their accurate bidding position at the end of the bidding period. These direct offer bids are identified separately in the published bidding results. Even when there is one or more Direct Offer bids made, we may decide not to go ahead with the offer once we carry out our detailed checks. Also, some Direct Offers are turned down by tenants and where this happens we will offer the property to other regular bidders. So even if you can see a Direct Offer on a property, please do place a bid for it if you are interested as we often end up making an offer to a regular bidder.


Please remember that your bidding position is not confirmed until we check all the bids and confirm who are the highest ranked eligible and suitable bidders. We will only contact you if we are considering making you an offer. This may be several days after bidding closes, depending on when the property in question is due to become ready for letting.


We reserve the right to withdraw advertised properties from the CBL scheme without notice at any time. However we will only do this in exceptional circumstances. This would include situations where we have previously offered the property to someone else and they have declined the offer then change their mind shortly after we have published the advert, or the property will not become empty as we expected, or there are special conditions applying to the way a property is let which become known after the advert is placed and prevent it from being offered to a Transfer or General List applicant. Where we do withdraw an advert, we will publish an explanation and apology on the website and in the next available printed newsletter and we will ring the top bidder to explain personally.

Check your messages!

We use the messaging system in this website to tell you about important changes to our policies, new rehousing opportunities and other relevant information. To read your messages log into your account and click on My Messages.

About our More Homes policy

We also earmark some lettings for our More Homes transfer chain scheme. Where you see in an advert that this property will be allocated under the More Homes policy, this means that we will prioritise bids from tenants giving up houses or ground floor flats with three or more bedrooms that have been well-kept and are in good condition, even if the bidder is not in the highest Band. By doing this we aim to create a chain of moves over time, release more family sized homes and help several households with one vacancy.

image of family

Improved access to the scheme

If you have difficulty getting access to a computer you can take part using  computers  available in the reception area of our Head Office at Albion House, 20 Queen Elizabeth Street, SE1 2RJ. They are free to use without an appointment. We can provide advice and support if needed.

Family Mosaic adopts the London Accessible Housing Register

We are now classifying our empty homes according to the London Accessible Housing Register. By doing this we aim to improve the information available to bidders about our homes so you can make a more informed choice. Each property is classified according to one of eight categories from A to G. Each category reflects a different degree of accessibility. This information is advisory only - it will not affect who can or cannot place a bid for a particular property. However, when we shortlist bids made for the most accessible properties, we may give priority to or restrict eligible bids to tenants with an established need as assessed by our independent Advisor. For more information on the categories click here.

Rehousing Options - the Next Steps scheme

If you are overcrowded with an adult son or daughter living with you, we may be able to consider them for separate housing in a home of their own. If you qualify to join the scheme you will be offered personalised advice and support from our Employment team who will create an action plan with you. Once you have completed your action plan you will become eligible for rehousing and you will be able to take part in bidding through this website. Property offers will be on the basis of a Fixed Term Tenancy. Places on the scheme are limited each year. For more information please contact us on 0300 123 3456 Option 2.

Swapping homes

We can only help a small number of tenants with the most urgent needs directly by offering a move to an empty home. For most tenants finding a swap is by far the best way to find a more suitable home. The advantages include:


You can do it for yourself

You can do it all online when it’s convenient for you

You can move anywhere in the country, regardless of who the social landlord is

It’s free to use our approved schemes

Image of mother and children


Our recommended schemes are:

  1. The mutual exchange scheme included in this website. Once you are logged in click on My Mutual Exchange to register your details and find out more.
  2. Homeswapper (this will open a new window). This is the biggest national scheme and is free to join for Family Mosaic tenants.
  3. House Exchange (this will open a new window). This is also free to join for Family Mosaic tenants.
  4. Swap and move : this is relatively new scheme which you can join for free for three months.  

When you register on this site you will be asked if you wish to join Homeswap Direct. This scheme links up all the main national swapping schemes so you can all the possible matches in one place. You will need to provide an email address to join. We recommend that you do opt into this service to maximise your prospects of finding a swap.


We offer detailed advice on all rehousing options, you can click here to open a new window and download a copy

Interested In Downsizing

We are keen to help any tenant who is interested in moving to a smaller home. We offer generous cash help, top transfer priority, help with bidding, help with removals, and ongoing support with other rehousing options. We can offer cash help if you find someone to swap with in some cases.


The benefits for you could be a lower rent, a move nearer friends or family, a more manageable home or a home more suitable for your needs. You’ll also be helping other families who are overcrowded and desperately need a larger home.


Tenants of working age in receipt of Housing Benefit and with a spare bedroom according to the Government’s regulations will only get paid Housing Benefit to cover what they need. If you have one spare bedroom you will lose 14% of your Housing Benefit and if you have two spare bedrooms you’ll lose 25%.


You can obtain more information here. If you think you may be affected please contact us on 0300 123 3456 Option 2. We will offer you advice on moving home and other options including ways to increase your income and help with employment and training. 

Is your rent account clear?

If you are a tenant, you must have a clear rent account in order to be shortlisted for an offer unless you are in Band A or Band B on health grounds. Even if you are within the top three bidders for a property your bid will be bypassed. We do not allow any tenant to transfer to a new home if they own money on their old rent account.


If you have any questions or need any help please contact the Customer Care Team on 0300 123 3456 Option 2 or email (clicking here will open an email addressed to Family Mosaic).

floor plan image

Earn £100 when you leave your home

If you are moving out, you might be able to claim £100 under our Leaving your Home incentive scheme. There are some important things for you to remember.


You must:

Give four weeks’ Notice of Vacation by calling us on the number below. We may accept a shorter Notice period if you are transferring to another Family Mosaic tenancy.

Return all keys including any communal door keys and any gas or electric pre-payment keys or cards to your local Family Mosaic office in person or by Recorded Signed For post by midday on the Monday after you move out.

Clear all your possessions from the property including any garden or garage and leave it in a clean and tidy condition.

Allow access for an inspection of your home and a viewing with the next tenant before you move out.

Please call 0300 123 3456 Option 2 without delay if you are planning to move out in the near future and have not told us yet. If you do not comply with the above requirements we may continue to charge you rent and seek to recover additional costs from you.

Paying rent on your new home

If you wish to accept an offer of another Family Mosaic home you will be expected to pay one week’s rent in advance before you are allowed to sign the tenancy agreement. If you are currently receiving full Housing Benefit you will be asked to pay £5 or £10 if you are receiving partial Housing Benefit each week until you have built up a week’s rent in credit.

What can I expect of my new home?

Family Mosaic prides itself on providing homes to a high standard. All our properties will meet or exceed our Lettable Standard when we offer it to you and our contractors have finished any works required. A copy of this document should be offered to you when you view a property with us. Click here to download a copy of our Lettable Standard (this will open a new window).

Garages available for rent throughout London

Family Mosaic often has garages available for rent in various locations in London. We can consider applications from non-tenants but will give priority to Family Mosaic tenants. The weekly rents vary from £7.00 - £10.00 for Family Mosaic tenants to £20.00 for non-tenants. If you are a tenant you must have a clear rent and service charge account. Garages must be used solely for keeping private vehicles and may not be used for commercial purposes.

If you are interested please ring 0300 123 3456 Option2 to add your name to our Garage waiting list.

Looking for work or training?

image of young man looking for work

If you are a Family Mosaic tenant, our dedicated pathways2work project will support you in accessing training and employment opportunities.  Trained and experienced Employment Liaison Officers are available to support you through the process of identifying and being best prepared for the job you want.  As well as employment opportunities Family Mosaic can offer work placements to our residents to give them up to date experience, a reference and an opportunity to update their CV. Click on to the Family Mosaic website for further information on the pathways2work project and how it can help you, or telephone 020 70801345 to speak to a member of the pathways2work team.


There are a range of websites available to enable you to look for employment opportunities: