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Cross borough moves

Cross Borough Moves


The ELLC Cross Borough Moves service enables you to choose to bid for a selection of properties situated outside the boundary of the council you are registered with. Here are some questions about the new service answered.

Cross Borough Family

Which Councils are included?

Currently Newham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Hackney. We have also occasionally featured properties from other councils in the past and hope we can continue doing this in the future.

Am I eligible to use the Cross-Borough Mobility service?

You can use the service if you are in a band that is shown on the property.

Which properties can I bid for?

Any properties listed in your council’s section of the website that match your requirements.Cross Borough Image

Where are the properties from the other councils that I can bid for advertised?

On the website simply look at all the properties you are eligible for. If you print out a newsletter they are the properties at the top.

What properties can’t I bid for?

You cannot bid for any properties not listed in your council’s section of the website.

How do I bid for other councils’ properties?

Exactly the same as for your own council’s properties: enter your registration number, your date of birth or memorable date, and the reference number of the property you want to bid for.

If my bid comes top, what happens next?

When bidding has closed, councils will make checks on your eligibility; e.g. to make sure you have no arrears, or history of committing anti-social behaviour. The top two eligible clients will be sent across to the council managing the property and the first placed will be offered the property followed by the second placed client. If both clients refuse the property it is returned to the original owner borough to go through the lettings process again. 

Is my council giving away properties and making my wait longer?

Absolutely not, each council houses just as many clients through the scheme as it gives properties into the scheme. Number of properties, types of property (flats, houses etc) and number of bedrooms are carefully monitored so no council or their clients are disadvantaged, but so that you have as wide a choice of where to live as possible.

Please make sure you bid appropriately

Before bidding for a property, please ensure that the property is located in an area you wish to reside and that it is suitable for your household’s needs. If the bid is not appropriate to your circumstances, it may not be possible to make you an offer of accommodation even if you bid successfully for a property. Particular thought should be put in to bidding for properties in another borough; will you be able to get to school or work? Will you be too far from your family? Is everyone in your household prepared to move to another area?


You are not obliged to bid for a property every week; if there is nothing you are interested in, please do not feel you have to bid. Your priority will not be altered if you are not bidding.


However, refusal of an offer of cross borough properties will be dealt with according to the refusal policy of the organisation that you have applied with.


You have the whole weekend to consider what you are interested in bidding for, it doesn’t make any difference to your final position when you bid; so take your time to think about what you want.