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Tenants being decanted

Extending Choice - Tenants being Decanted


Some councils with tenants living in regeneration areas, who have been officially notified by council officers that they are in a current decant programme, can now choose and bid for their new homes through the ELLC service. Bids from these tenants will Image of building being demolitishedhave priority. Where several bids are received from tenants in this position for the same property, priority will be given to the tenant with the earliest tenancy date. This only applies to tenants who have been notified that they are in a current 'decant' programme, bids from tenants due to be decanted in the future will not necessarily be given priority.


People being decanted are already council tenants, but have to leave their homes because their homes are either being demolished or under going major redevelopment to bring them up to modern living standards. The council who owns these properties owes their tenants a duty to provide housing already and as such must re-house people in decant programmes. Councils do this so that people in the borough have good quality housing which is fit for people to live in. Although it can be frustrating to see a property you may have bid on going to a decant client it is essential for councils to manage their properties and resources to meet the needs of the people in their borough and decant programmes do exactly that.