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Restrictions on bidding

Restrictions on  Bidding


Review no reply - case closed imageEvery council has slight differences in their allocations policy and those people who are not allowed to bid. The information on this page whilst a good guideline is not definitive for any given council. For more detail contact the council concerned.


If you thought that you were on your council's housing register but find that you cannot use the service this may be because either:

  • Your registration has not been renewed following review
  • your application to join the housing register has been deferred for one of the reasons listed below.


From time to time your landlord will contact you to check that you wish to remain on the housing register. If you want to remain on the register it is essential you respond, if you don’t your registration will be closed. Once a registration has been closed it can only be reopened from the date a new eligible registration request is received.

Property Related Debts

Where households have built up property related debts such as rent or council tax arrears this will be taken into account when allocations are made and would normally mean that they would be given less priority than other bidders.

Rent arrears - reduced priority imageAnti-Social Behaviour

Where a council or other landlord has evidence that a household is committing anti-social behaviour - such as vandalism or neighbour nuisance - the households will not be eligible to bid for properties.

Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers whose cases await decision cannot apply for properties.

Immigration Status

Households whose immigration status does not allow recourse to public funds cannot apply for properties.

Property Owners

Households with a financial interest in a property cannot usually apply for properties.

ReciprocalsViewing property - suspended image

In Hackney those agreed for a move under a ‘reciprocal’ arrangement will be allocated a property directly, and will not be eligible to use Hackney Choice

Hackney Tenants being decanted

‘Decant’ tenants are placed in the Urgent band

Viewing Properties

If your bid has been successful and you have been shortlisted or invited to view a property, you may not be able to bid for other advertised properties until the offer process has been completed for the property that you are been considered for.