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Choose It Like You Mean It

Choose It Like You Mean It


Nobody wants good homes to be left empty when there are so many people seeking a decent home. The councils and housing associations advertising properties through this service want to let homes as soon as possible.


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On occasion properties take longer to let than expected because when they have been offered to the customers who have successfully bid for them, they have been refused. Though it is accepted that being able to say "thanks but no thanks" is part and parcel of having a choice, there are occasions when the wasted time this involves for customers, councils and housing associations, could be avoided.


We want to ensure that whenever possible we are able to offer you information that makes it easy for you to be sure that you are bidding for properties you really want. We suggest that before bidding you check:


Is the property in an area you’d be happy to live in? Is it for example an easy journey to school, shops, nurseries, mosque, temple, church or the doctor’s? A wealth of local information is available by clicking on the "Show Local Services" button by each property advert. The location of the property is available by clicking on "Show Map".

How Many Bed Spaces?

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Are the bedrooms large enough? Click on "Show Full Details" and adverts will usually indicate whether bedrooms are single or, where the floor space exceeds 10 square metres, double.

Have you a Head for Heights?

Many flats and maisonettes are on upper floors, press the "Show More Details" button by the property advert to find out the floor level the property is on and whether a lift service is available. Don't forget some people don't like living on the higher floors in a block so the higher you are happy to live the less waiting time you will need to get a property. This also means you could increase the amount of space you have in your new home by going for higher level properties.

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What’s it Like Inside?

Some property adverts offer multiple images including photos of kitchens, bathrooms and lounges. These can give an idea of room size and the facilities available. Please note that these photos are usually taken when the properties are first received, decoration allowances are sometimes available to help you spruce up the property to your taste.


Rooms in council and housing association properties often have low ceilings and less space than rooms in privately rented properties. Where internal images are available these can help illustrate this. If you want larger rooms you might want to consider renting privately.


Social housing is in short supply in and around London so it may take many years before you are housed. If you decide that you cannot wait to be able to choose a rented home from a council or housing association, or that you’d prefer something different, why not check our Housing Options section? This includes information and links to other services that may be able to help you choose your housing solution.