How to use the service

How to Use the Service

Login to the service by clicking on the word Login on the top menu bar and then view the available properties by clicking on properties. You can bid for up to 2 properties a week that meet your requirements in terms of category and bedroom numbers  (Barking and Dagenham clients have only 1 bid).

Our service is used by a number of different social housing providers who display their available properties each week.  However, although they may have a number of different properties available, you may not be able to bid on all the properties you see.  This is particularly relevant for the clients of L&Q, Swan, Peabody  who display some properties with other housing providers.  These properties are let out to the various councils and as such only available to their registrants and not available to be bid on by other housing provider's registrants. To view the properties you are able to bid on, please follow the instructions on the property search page.


Bidding online

You will need to log in to the ELLC Choice Homes website to bid online.

Use the help on the Choice Homes website to help you use the website, including how to:

  • bid online
  • reset your password if you forget it 

Use the Choice Homes website help (link opens in a new tab).

To login, enter your:

  • bidding number as ‘your login reference’ and click on ‘Continue’
  • password and memorable date

If you cannot bid online

You can bid by sms message or phone if you cannot bid online:

  • SMS message on 07781 486 526 - this will cost the same as your standard rates for texts
    Please Text your Login Ref - Memorable Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Property Ref in a single sms message. 
    You will receive a bounceback sms confiming your bid and current position number - subject to change until the cycle ends.
  • Calling the ELLC bidding line on 0845 650 4125 – this will generally cost the same as a landline call.


First you need to view the properties we have available and our adverts provide property, location and landlord details to help you decide which properties are right for you. 


By ‘bid’ we simply mean to apply for a property. Every week you can bid for one or two properties depending on your housing association or borough. This section details how to place your bid.

Move In

Moving into a property. When bidding closes, the bids received for each property are ranked according to councils allocation policies. You can find out the final position of all your bids by logging on to this website.