Key to symbols

Key to Symbols For Adverts


Disability Icon

This property has been assessed as being accessible  


Sheltered Property

has lift

This property has a lift  

Age Icon

You must be this age or above to bid on this property

No Lift

This property does not have a lift  

Concierge Icon

This property has a concierge


This property has stairs  

has warden

This property has a warden - except for Havering which operates a floating support service

shops and transport

This property is close to shops/transport  

door entry phone

This property has a door entry phone

Housing Association

A housing association property - there maybe changes in allocations policy which will affect bidders  

personal assistance alarm

This property has a personal assitance alarm

Newly built property

A newly built property  

shared garden

This property has a shared garden

Double glazing

This property has double glazing  

no garden

This property doesn't have a garden

Key Worker

Property will be allocated to key worker  

own garden

This property has its own garden





No pets allowed in this property

No pets allowed in this property (in Newham this means no large domestic pets and in Havering this means no cats or dogs)


Congestion Charge symbol

 This property is in the congestion charge zone

More than one photo

This property advert has more than one photo of the property   Market Related Rent This property has a rent level set at up to 80% of the private market level and is described by the government as an "Affordable Rent Property".
Priority given to overcrowded families Priority given to overcrowded families (Waltham Forest only)   Priority given to under occupiers Priority given to under occupiers (Waltham Forest only)
Rent deposit scheme Private rented accommodation available through the Rent Deposit Scheme (Waltham Forest only)   No Housing Benefit No housing benefit accepted - this is on private landlords properties only
Electric central heating Electric central heating   Part electrical central heating Part electric central heating
Gas central heating   Part gas central heating Part gas central heating
Individual heating appliances Individual appliance heating   Night time storage heating Night time storage heating
Car free zone Car free zone - no vehicles within a set area of the property   No parking symbol No parking near the property
Fixed Term Tenancy symbol This property is available on a 'fixed term tenancy' - this means that the property is let for a set period of time which maybe renewable.   Older Persons Icon Older Persons properties (Hackney Only)

Accessible housing Register

The accessible housing register is a nationwide standard that indicates the level of accessibility of a property. Some of our partners use this standard and some will be adopting it in the future.


Accessible Housing Register - a

Wheelchair accessible throughout - Designed to meet the latest accessible housing design standards offering extra space and full access to all rooms and facilities. Step-free entry. If above the ground floor there will be at least 2 lifts. If there are any internal stairs, a through-floor lift or platform stair-lift will be in place as well. Kitchen and bathroom will have space for a wheelchair to turn around.   

Accessible housing register - e

Step free - General needs housing with no steps to enter the property. There is no requirement for internal dimensions of the property to meet any standards. 

Accessible housing register - b

Wheelchair accessible essential rooms - Designed to older wheelchair standards or significantly adapted to provide extra space and wheelchair access to the essential facilities of the property (that is, a bedroom, bathroom, toilet, living room and kitchen). Other rooms in the house such as additional bedrooms or bathrooms may not be wheelchair accessible. Step-free entry.   

Accessible housing register - e+

Minimal steps -  General needs housing with no more than 4 steps to enter the property.

Accessible housing register - c

Lifetime homes standard - Designed to meet the space standards of Lifetime Homes. Main features include a step-free entrance and wider doorways and corridors.   

Accessible housing register - f

General needs - Does not meet the requirements for other accessible housing categories. This property will have one or more of the following: 

• More than 4 steps to enter the property without a lift. 

• A change in floor level within one storey of the property (for example, one or more steps to enter the kitchen) 

• A flight of internal stairs with little prospect of adapting with a stairlift 

• A ramp steeper than 1:10 


Accessible housing register - d

Easy Access - Main features include a step-free entrance with wider doorways and corridors than general needs housing (but may not be as wide as category C properties).  

Accessible housing register - g

Unassessed - property has not yet had a survey of its accessibility
The following symbols are used to indicate what band or bands of clients can bid on a property. Please remember that you can only bid on properties available from your council or organisation

Homeless Homeseeker

Homeless Homeseeker category  


Homeseeker category

Priority Homeseeker

Priority Homeseeker category  

Tenant seeking a transfer

Transfer category

A-E icon

All clients from bands A to E may apply  

Band 1-4

All bands from 1 to 4 may apply

All icon

All clients may apply   Sheltered Homeseeker icon Sheltered Homeseeker (Redbridge Only)

Decant Category (Waltham Forest Only)

   Care Leaver
 Incentive Move