Who we are

About the East London Lettings Company


CHUK person in the house The East London Lettings Company (ELLC) is the name of the choice based Lettings service delivered to many residents of East London. Since initial set up, in 2002, the service has grown considerably covering other parts of London and outside of London too.


The ELLC service is delivered by a partnership organisation called ChoiceHomes UK (CHUK). The CHUK partnership is made up of several Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords, also known as Housing Associations. The CHUK partnership make decisions on service growth, development and operate on a non-profit basis. 

The partnership and CHUK's business activities are governed by 3 main aims:

  • To help customers identify and choose their own housing option solution

  • Provide customers with transparent and user friendly accessible services

  • Promote partnerships that extend choice and value

We are always open to forming new partnerships or alternately if you are interested in utilising our advertising services, then please email: ChoiceHomesPartnerships@newham.gov.uk


Please Note

If you have a query, comment or complaint about your housing registration application, an organisations allocations policy or housing department then you should contact the organisation that holds and manages your application directly. Contact details can be found on the individual pages for each organisation.